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Wynne Cilliers

Wynne has 14 years’ experience as a guide.  He started photography at a young age using his father’s old Minolta film cameras and lenses.

He tried all kinds of photography but in the end, his true calling was 

wildlife and that is where his passion lies till today.

After a few years working as a safari guide, he was able to save up enough to get his own camera gear and changed from film to digital. 

His main goal is to show you nature’s beauty and have you capture nature’s emotions in ways that will create everlasting memories.

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Bianca Cilliers

Bianca was born in South Africa. Growing up in a small town she spent her youth and fishing with her grandfather and learning to love nature. She studied teaching, worked as an au pair before meeting Wayne and discovering their mutual passion for nature.  They are raising their young daughter to love and respect nature whilst running WAC Photo Safari Company.

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Wynne and Bianca Cilliers started WAC Wild Photo Safaris in order to share their combined love and knowledge of the bush with photographers, both professional and amateur. Join them on an African Wildlife Safari today, to experience the essence of nature, to learn more about wildlife and the great outdoors and to know how it all started for Namibia and its untouched beauty.